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Avoid Flushing Loo Roll Alternatives, People Warned

As the coronavirus crisis continues and people have to deal with toilet paper shortages on shop shelves because of hoarding and panic buying, the general public is now being warned to take care when flushing certain items as sewers can quickly become clogged up.

Interestingly, some 64 per cent of the 15,600 blockages that were cleared last year were caused by wet wipes, figures from Northumbrian Water show.

And the supplier is keen to raise awareness of the consequences of flushing the likes of wipes, newspaper and kitchen roll down the toilet, which clog up inside plumbing and sewer pipes.

Head of wastewater networks at Northumbrian Water Simon Cyhanko said the company does understand that there will be some affected by toilet roll availability and, as such, may find they have no choice but to use an alternative - but these should go in the bin, rather than the loo.

He went on to add that even if a product says it’s biodegradable, this doesn’t mean that it breaks down as quickly as toilet paper will and can linger in pipes, helping to create blockages.

“Blockages can have devastating consequences, from causing people's homes to be flooded with toilet waste to the environment being polluted, but by binning the wipe and toilet roll alternatives you can help make a massive difference.

“No one wants to see harm to the environment and to innocent wildlife, or homes flooded with sewage, which isn't a pleasant experience at any time and especially now, if vulnerable people need to self-isolate because of Covid19,” Mr Cyhanko continued.

Similarly, Thames Water recently reminded customers of their responsibilities when it comes to sending certain items down the toilet. The supplier’s head of waste networks, Matt Rimmer, said that reducing the number of blockages will help reduce flood risks to homes, businesses and the environment at what is already a difficult time.

Every year, Thames Water spends £18 million on average clearing 75,000 blockages from its network, removing 30 tonnes of material from just one of its sewage treatment works each day.

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