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Businesses Warned About Water Before Reopening

While many businesses have been closed during the lockdown, it means that appliances have not been operating inside the premises. This can pose a potential health hazard to staff and customers, and can also risk damaging the plumbing.

GreenBiz has reported that water would be sitting in the pipes of closed and empty companies, which can get stagnant. Plumbers are encouraging business owners to prepare to reopen by running water through the pipes.

Even while businesses are closed, it's important for owners to check-in and perform routine maintenance visits. No one is making a cuppa, filling the kettle, so taps aren't being turned, the seals get dry and then they'll break or they'll wear out quickly when you try to open them.

By running the faucets and checking pipes underneath, plumbers say it could save owners hundreds in repairs.

Other suggestions include:

• Flushing hot and cold water through all points of use for a sufficient amount of time (until the hot water reaches its maximum temperature).

• Depending on the facility’s size and water pressure, flushing may need to occur in segments (e.g. per floor or individual rooms). The goal is for all water to be replaced inside building piping with fresh water.

• Ensure safety equipment (including fire sprinkler systems, eyewash stations, and safety showers) are clean and well-maintained. Regularly flush, clean, and disinfect these systems according to manufacturer’s specifications.

No one wants to have to close their business after reaping due to a plumbing emergency that could be avoided, so ensure your water supplies are fully flushed through.

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