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Does Your Insurance Cover You For Home Emergencies?

Life admin can be very trying at times but it’s an essential part of modern-day living, unfortunately, and something that we all have to just knuckle down and get sorted, whether it’s doing the housework, paying bills or checking that your insurance policies cover you for everything you need.

It can be quite easy to neglect this side of proceedings, but it’s vital that you do check your insurance is well suited to your needs or you could find yourself seriously out of pocket if something happens and you’re not covered for it.

New research from financial information business Defaqto has just revealed that 21 per cent of home contents policies and 24 per cent of home buildings policies cover home emergencies, including the likes of boiler breakdown… so you may want to have a quick read over your own policy to make sure it does cover you for such events.

You could also consider purchasing a separate home emergency insurance policy that specifically covers you for boiler breakdown. This is designed to protect your appliance against the cost of future breakdown, covering repair costs and potentially an annual service as well. It may not mean, however, that it will cover you for a replacement if the boiler is in fact broken after all.

Check the cover you have with your current policy and look out for any exclusions, such as the power output or the age of your boiler and if it needs to be inspected or serviced regularly. If your boiler is relatively new, purchased within the last few years, check to see what cover the manufacturer has provided as standard under the warranty, also checking for any exclusions.

“As the temperature starts to drop, having hot water and heating becomes a higher priority again. Modern boilers are expensive and the cost of having to replace one can be a nasty shock. If you don’t have the funds to pay for this, then a boiler breakdown policy that includes boiler replacement could be a good option for you,” consumer finance expert at Defaqto Brian Brown said.

There is maintenance work you can do yourself where your boiler is concerned, from clearing the air vents and flues and checking the water level every two weeks to learning how to flush the boiler yourself.

Of course, you may not feel confident enough to do this yourself, in which case call out Peterborough plumbers Ultimate Heating Services to come and lend a helping hand.

Our services include emergency callouts, boilers, plumbing, heating and power flushing, so you know we’ll be able to help, no matter what the issue is.

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