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Have You Had Your Boiler Serviced Recently?

With Winter well underway, chances are you’ve already put on your central heating, and it’s all working fine. But are you sure? When was the last time you had it serviced? Your emergency plumbers in Peterborough are here should the worst happen, but there are many reasons why you should ensure your boiler has an annual service.

A professional boiler technician will be able to diagnose any faults that it may be developing. Even the smallest of faults, however inconsequential they might seem, can get much worse if ignored or neglected. Major faults can end up being an extra expense no one wants at this time of year, nor having to deal without hot water or heat.

Repairing and maintaining your boiler is always going to be cheaper that needing to replace it completely. A healthy boiler will last for much longer than one that’s left to disrepair. Some faults may not be immediately obvious to the user, and a service will remedy any potential for failure.

Not only that, but a well maintained boiler will be more energy efficient, saving you money in the long run. A service will also check that your boiler is running correctly, and safely. Carbon Monoxide build up is potentially fatal, and can make you and your family very ill. Get the peace of mind that a serviced boiler can bring for you and your loved ones.

Is your boiler still covered by it’s guarantee? It’s highly likely that the conditions of which are that it needs an annual service. Don’t void your warranty by neglecting a service, or you may not be able to claim money back for any unfortunate faults and repairs.

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