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How To Avoid A DIY Disaster

As a homeowner there are a lot of things you have to spend money on. When it comes to improving your property, it can be tempting to watch some YouTube videos, visit your local DIY store and get stuck in.

But the professionals have a word of caution and want more people to think twice before taking on projects they're not capable of.

In the US, tradesmen and women have seen an increase in homeowners getting in touch when a DIY project has gone wrong, The Inquirer reported.

The main thing driving people to take on big DIY projects themselves is the desire to save some money. But the irony is that it often costs considerably more to fix problems caused by DIY than to do the original job. For the professionals coming in it can be complicated because they need to check whether things have been done properly before they can take the next step.

If you're thinking of diving in with some DIY, what projects should you avoid? Kelley Williamson, owner and operator of She Fixed It in the US, told the newspaper there are two obvious areas to steer clear of.

"Electrical and plumbing should not be done without somebody that has a licence," she asserted. Similarly, you should never attempt any work with gas appliances unless you're suitably qualified.

Worst case scenario is that you'll need to call emergency plumbers in Peterborough, or wherever you live, to fix a problem.

It's always sensible to know what to do should you be faced with a plumbing emergency, whether it's of your own making or not. Knowing where to turn off your water supply is essential to minimise the damage in the event of a leak.

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