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Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

Emergency plumbers in Peterborough will be needed by us all at some point, but what are the most common plumbing emergencies in our homes?

1. Clogged sinks

This is easily avoided but still a common problem. If a plunger and sink cleaner don’t sort it then you need to hand over to the professionals.

2. Clogged toilets

Same as above.

3. Clogged bathtubs

Hair, shampoo and conditioner can all combine to cause an ungodly mess.

4. Leaky taps and toilets

This is annoying more than anything but needs to be fixed before it gets worse.

5. Leaking water heaters

A leaky water heater valve can be easily replaced, but see to them as soon as possible as rust can cause a whole heater to need to be replaced.

6. Leaky washing machine hoses

A simple but expensive problem to fix. If you discover a cracked or bulging hose behind the washer, don't ignore it as it could get much worse and burst.

7. Broken water lines

These are caused by tree roots digging into pipes, or even a poorly aimed spade.

8. Burst pipes

As the weather starts to turn colder consider protecting yourself against burst pipes as they are hugely disruptive and wasteful.

9. No hot water

This is no fun for anyone and can be surprisingly disruptive. Yes you still have heating and water and can survive, but have you tried to survive on cold showers alone for days on end? It is miserable. This could be caused by a water heater malfunction, electrical issue or plumbing leak.

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