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New Boiler Enquiries Up 40% Over Summer Months

It may seem like summer should be the quiet month for boiler repairs and new installations, but growingly savvy homeowners have identified it as the perfect time for important work to be done on their heating systems.

According to boiler repair directory the Boiler Guide, the number of enquiries for new gas boiler installations has increased by 44.5 per cent in the last three months, in comparison to May-July according to HVP Magazine.

Looking for the work to be done in summer is a great idea, as not leave your home shivering in the cold, winter months while the work is undertaken. If you’re worried about an old boiler surviving another winter, it’s often when they’re switched back on after the warmer summer months that periods of inactivity can cause problems which may leave you without hot water and heating.

David Holmes, Founder of Boiler Guide, said: “It’s great to see that more UK homeowners are not waiting until winter to get their boilers replaced – we are all well aware of the high demands on repair people during the colder snaps of winter and the potential implications of a broken boiler.”

With engineers traditionally less busy during summer as there are less repairs to focus on, appointments are easier to come by and some engineers may even have offers on to save money during the summer on new installations. So, all in all, if you’re planning a boiler installation, time to book it in while the weather still holds out and that way you’ll ensure a warm and toasty winter this year.

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