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Prepare For Heating Switch-On

Many Brits are battling against the cold weather, resisting putting the central heating on until they absolutely cannot bear the chilly conditions any longer. For most of us, this will be around mid-October this year.

According to comparisons site Migrate, October 17th will be the date the majority of us stop wrapping ourselves up in layers while in the house and switch the heating on, with Brits only willing to endure a cold house for another week or so.

The Mirror reported George Chalmers from Migrate as saying: “Our research found that Thursday 17th October will be the date where Britain finally caves in and dials up the thermostat, and their energy usage.”

Nearly half of homeowners tolerate colder temperatures in their house after the summer comes to an end in order to delay paying for their central heating.

Indeed, 40 per cent of people put it off as long as possible to reduce their energy bills. Those on pre-payment meters are even likely to withhold from switching their heating on until Friday November 1st, so they do not spend more than they need to warm their home up.

Mr Chalmers, therefore, advises households to make sure they are on a low tariff for their energy usage, particularly as the weather gets colder, the evenings darker and people stay in the house and use electricity more.

The price comparison site estimates the average British household could save £315 a year by choosing a better tariff, which amounts to a saving of £26.25 a month.

Another way to reduce how much you spend on central heating is to call in heating and plumbing experts in Peterborough, who can service your system and make sure it is running efficiently.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, as more than half of our energy bills are down to our central heating usage, having a boiler in good condition could dramatically cut down on household expenditure.