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The Mysterious Case Of The Exploding Toilet

There are some plumbing emergencies and issues that you might expect to encounter throughout your life, but an exploding toilet is probably something that would come as a particular surprise.

But this is exactly what happened to one hapless homeowner over in the US this month (August), when the septic tank on site was hit by lightning, the Belfast Telegraph reports.

Plumbing company A-1 Affordable Plumbing posted a message on Facebook detailing the chain of events, saying that the methane gas in the sewer pipes was ignited when the lightning struck, with the toilet in the master bathroom exploding and sending porcelain straight into the walls of the room.

A camera inspection has now been scheduled to find out how much sanitary pipe needs to be replaced, but it’s likely that the septic tank and all sewer piping will have to be sorted out.

Speaking to WINK News, homeowner Marylou Ward said: “It used to be our toilet. We have nothing now. I’m just glad none of us were on the toilet. That’s the main thing.”

Interestingly, a study carried out a few years ago by researcher Ronald Holle detailed instances of where people had been killed or injured by lightning inside homes in the US since 1992. Practically anywhere inside a house can be the source of a lightning-related injury and the common recommendations are to avoid being contact with wiring, plumbing and telephones.

Since 1992, there were 42 events involving wiring, 26 involving telephones and 19 involving plumbing. It’s also advised to stay away from doorways as currents can pass through the frame or doorknob, while garages should also be avoided.

While you may not ever have to call out emergency plumbers in Peterborough for a lightning strike, there are other issues that you’re likely to encounter.

One of the most common complaints that people experience is a blocked up sink drain. The best way to avoid a blockage is to be mindful about what you send down the sink, such as fat, oil, coffee grounds and so on. But even with being careful, you can still be affected by a blockage and it may be that you need the help of a qualified and professional plumbing company to help you clear it.

Burst pipes is another nuisance that you could well find yourself having to deal with in the future. These can prove particularly expensive to sort out since a huge amount of water can escape a pipe in a short space of time and if you’re not careful you could be facing huge bills for water wastage, as well as having to shell out for water damage as a result of the leak.

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