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Will Energy Companies Help Coronavirus Customers?

Coronavirus (Covid-19) has had a huge impact all over the world, with thousands of people dying and millions having their lives turned upside down due to drastic measures by the government.

Indeed, earlier this week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed guidelines to increase the number of people who are now forced to self-isolate or socially distance themselves from others in order to control the spread of the infection.

As a result, more people will have to stay at home instead of going into work, which will see energy bills soar over the next few months. This could leave thousands of customers struggling to afford their heating, putting those in the high-risk categories – particularly the elderly – in an even more vulnerable position.

That is why some of the larger energy companies are looking to support their consumers through relief packages.

One such supplier is British Gas, which said it could delay bill deadlines for those who have been affected by the condition. Alternatively, it might get rid of fines for late payments.

A spokesperson for EDF Energy, which is now running reduced services due to Covid-19, told The Sun it may offer a payment delay for consumers who have had to self-isolate or those now having to work from home.

Another told Energy Live News: “We can also use our existing partnerships with Citizens Advice Plymouth and Income Max to help our customers to maximise their existing income and manage their money.”

With more than six million people expected to be at home during the peak of the crisis, energy bills could increase dramatically. According to the Daily Mail, a further £52 a month could be added to usual energy costs, amounting to a further £624 a year.

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