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World Plumbing Day 2020

For most people, it’s unlikely that you spent 11 March celebrating World Plumbing Day, even if you were aware of it in the first place. But it’s not just another ‘novelty’ trending twitter topic, as highlighted by Scottish Construction Now.

World Plumbing Day is an annual international event on 11 March, started by the World Plumbing Council (WPC) as a means of featuring the important role plumbing plays in the health, security, and sustainability of our community.

The WPC is an international association that is made up of plumbing associations and plumbing industry members from everywhere throughout the world. There are now more than 200 individuals from the WPC from over 30 nations around the globe.

World Plumbing Day, which began in March 2010, is celebrated with competitions, seminars, and activities all around the globe. Individuals from inside and outside the plumbing fraternity meet up to learn, share information, build connections and discover chances to work together to improve the quality of, and access to, fresh water and safe sanitation.

While we may only think of plumbers when we have a leak or need our boilers servicing, it’s important to remember the role of plumbing for the accessibility of safe drinking water and sanitation during such natural disasters as 2010’s earthquake in Haiti or the 2011 tsunami in Japan, or even the recent flooding across the UK

So, next time you turn on the tap, have a hot shower, flush the toilet, or put on a load of washing, while it’s easy to take it for granted, remember the work that plumbers do all over the world, trying to make sure there’s clean drinking water for those less privileged.

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